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The 800th Memorial Anniversary Service, June 23rd, 2012

RSVP Form, please fill out and return it to the temple.


9:00 am Sermon Reception/Gagaku Performance by Chinzei Gakuso
9:30 am – 12:00 pm

Special Sermon on Buddhism by Rev. Ryokei Arimoto

  • At the beginning of the sermon, a brief instruction in both English and Japanese will be provided for the audience to attend this special sermon.
  • The sermon will extend for two hours with an intermission.
  • English translation will be provided.
  • Please register with suggested donation of $30 (Child/Student: Free).

Rev. Ryokei Arimoto
After graduating from Bukkyo University, Kyoto, Rev. Arimoto was inaugurated in 1976 as Head Minister of Daikyo-ji temple, Osaka. In 1981, he was nominated as Missionary-Preacher of Chion-in temple (the Head Temple of Jodo Shu) and Chion-ji temple (one of the main temple of Jodo Shu), Kyoto. At present, he serves as a Missionary-Preacher of Jodo Shu and the Vice-President of Preachers’ Association of Chion-in temple. He visits many places all over Japan to deliver his sermons. He visited Los Angeles in winter 2010 and served as preacher at the three-day Goju Soden retreat. His sermons were compiled into a 3-disc DVD set, which is greatly appreciated by people in both the United States and Japan.

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Service Reception/Dedication of Imperial Court Music and Dance

(Gagaku and Bugaku Performance)  by Chinzei Gakuso (Jodo Shu Fukuoka Gagakukai)

Chinzei Gakuso (Jodo Shu Fukuoka Gagakukai)
Chinzei Gakuso was established in 1989 with about 10 Jodo Shu ministers in Fukuoka pref. and started to practice Imperial Court music under the guidance from Mr. Kiyoshi Nakagawa, President of Japan Gagaku Preservation Association in Kyoto. At present, the group consists of about 30 members and performs Gagaku (music) and Bugaku (dance) in several occasions and places in Fukuoka area such as services at temples, special classes at schools, and visitations to welfare institutions. Their activities for the past 20 years have been enhanced based on their motivation not only to play musically correct but also to sound like the comfort of Buddha. The group will dedicate their performance of several pieces of music and a dance from their repertoire.


1:30 pm (The beginning of the service. Times are approximate.)
Dedication of the song in praise of Honen Shonin
By Yoshimizu-ko Buddhist Choir Osaka Headquarters

Yoshimizu-ko Buddhist Choir Osaka Headquarters:
Yoshimizu style Buddhist choir (eisho) was started in 1946 as one of the Jodo Shu ministries to propagate the teaching of Honen Shonin. This Buddhist choir in Osaka was founded by a small group of people from Jodo Shu temples in 1958 and the number of members has been expanding up to 2,000 at present. They are very active in spreading Buddhist choir both domestically and internationally. At this occasion, nine mem bers are visiting Los Angeles to dedicate a song which is newly composed to praise Honen Shonin in commemoration of his 800th Memorial Anniversary.

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm Commemorative Service
Officiated by the Right Reverend Yuishin Ito
The Chief Abbot of Jodo Shu
The 88th Abbot of Chion-in, Kyoto (Head Temple of Jodo Shu)

Special Child Blessing by the Officiant
The ritual of the child blessing will be performed by the officiant.
The officiant pours the water of wisdom of Amida Buddha individually upon the head of children. Please bring your children/grandchildren to receive this special ritual.
• No participation fee but registration is required.
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm Commemorative Lecture
"The Recitation of Namu Amida Butsu Established by Honen Shonin for the Peace of the World" by Dr. Glenn T. Webb

• Japanese translation will be provided.

Dr. Glenn T. Webb
Dr. Glenn T. Webb is a professor of East Asian cultural and religious history, with a specialization in early modern Japan (16th-17th-century Momoyama-early Edo.) In 1987 Dr. Webb became the director of the Institute for the Study of Asian Cultures at Pepperdine University. While there Dr. Webb invited many leaders of Buddhist groups in Southern California to speak to students. Even after he retired from Pepperdine in 2004 and moved to Palm Desert, CA, they have continued to maintain a strong connection with ministers of Jodoshu North America and Bukkyo University, Kyoto and Los Angeles. Dr. Webb’s contribution to connect East and West was specially acknowledged by receiving the Japan 2011 Fall Decorations.

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6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Welcome on Board!
Sunset Dinner-Buffet Cruise from Long Beach
Hornblower Cruise Yacht: Endless Dream (capacity: up to 350 guests)


• Suggested fees for boarding: $130 per adult (Child/Student: Free)
• Transportation between the temple and Long Beach will be provided.
• Please do not worry about seasick. This 3-story yacht is big and will not set sail on the open ocean

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