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December 31, 2017

Year-end One-hour Nembutsu Service


January 1, 2018

New Year's Day Service (Shusho-e)

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Jodoshu North America Buddhist Mission

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Jodoshu North America Buddhist Mission

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An Introduction to our Religious Activities, Regular Services, Memorial Services and Prayers

We wish to introduce our religious activities as follows:

Regular Services during a year (observed at the temple)

  • January : Gyoki (Memorial Service for Honen Shonin, the Founder of Jodoshu)
  • March : Spring Higan Service (Service for the Vernal Equinox)
  • July : Bon /Segaki Service (Annual Service for the Dead)
  • September : Autumn Higan Service (Service for the Autumnal Equinox)
  • November : Juya Service (Service for the Special Nembutsu Period)


Prayers and Memorial Service (observed at the temple and/or home)

Prayer for...

  • Safe Delivery of Babies
  • Blessing for Children
  • Shichi go san (Special Blessing for Children at the age of 3, 5 and 7)
  • Success in Scholastic Performance
  • Prosperity for Family
  • House Blessing
  • Blessing for Traffic Safety


Services and Rituals for ...

  • Buddhist Wedding Ceremony
  • Kikyou-shiki (Initiation Ceremony for Embracing Buddhism)
  • Mizuko Kuyo (Memorial Service for Unborn/Newborn/Early Deceased Children)
  • Graveside Service
  • Emshrinement Service (Buddha Statuette, Family Altar and Memorial Tablet of Ancestors)
  • Monthly Home Service (Daily Practice and Memorial Services)
  • Ancestor Worship (Anniveresary and Monthly Memorial Services)
  • Jobon Kuyo (Ritual of Symbolic Cremation of old religious items)




















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