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Sun. Sep. 24, 2017

AUTUMN HIGAN SERVICE, "Back to School" Special Ritual for Children/Students

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AUTUMN HIGAN SERVICE / "Back to School" Special Ritual for Children/Students | Sun. Sep. 24, 2017

AUTUMN HIGAN SERVICE (Autumnal Equinox) and
• SENZO KUYO: Prayer for your Loved Ones/Ancestors
• MIZUKO KUYO: Memorial Service for Unborn/Newborn/Early Deceased Children)
"Back to School" Special Ritual for Children/Students

SUNDAY, JULY 9, 2017

"Back to School" Special Ritual for Children/Students Application Download (PDF)

10:30 A.M. SERVICE
11:00 A.M. SERMON: Rev. Kenneth Tanaka
12:00 P.M. LUNCH @1F Hall *Lunch will be served


August 22, 2017

Dear Members and Friends;
We hope you are in good health during this hot weather. On Sunday, July 11th, Bon Segaki Service was held successfully with about 70 people attending. We wish to thank our congregation and volunteers for their support. Our next regular service is Autumn Higan (Autumnal Equinox) Service which will be held as above. Higan is an important opportunity that comes twice a year to reflect upon ourselves and pay tribute to our forebears by engaging in religious services and visiting graves. We are looking forward to seeing all of you on September 24th.

Mizuko Kuyo (a memorial service for deceased children/grandchildren who unfortunately passed away at birth or in their childhood) will be combined. A memorial tablet will be offered to extend a special prayer. If you wish a prayer, please contact the temple by Friday, September 22, 2017.

Also, in favor of the "Back to School" season, we will perform a special ritual to tie the hand of a student/child with Amida Buddha by a string to wish success in scholastic performance by receiving Amida Buddha’s Light of Great Wisdom. If you wish to enroll your children/grandchildren for this ritual, please fill out the form above and return it by Friday, September 22, 2017.

Luncheon will follow the service and the Fujinkai will prepare lunch to be served. Please join in this luncheon to exchange greetings and cultivate friendship between the congregations. Let us worship and renew and find new friendships on this valuable occasion given by Autumnal equinox.
Namu Amida Butsu

Kodo Tanaka
Jodoshu North America Buddhist Missions

  • As is customary, we would like to ask for donations/offerings on this occasion. Your donations will be acknowledged and we will extend a prayer for your loved ones/ancestors in the service. Flowers/fruit offerings to the altar are appreciated.
  • For those who have family memorial tablets and urns at the Ihai/Nokotsudo at the temple, please visit and offer flowers/food offerings to your loved ones.

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