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Sun. June 18, 2017

the 80th Anniversary Commemorative Service & Luncheon

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the 80th Anniversary Commemorative Service & Luncheon | Sun. June 18, 2017

Invitation to the 80th Anniversary Commemorative Service & Luncheon

on Sunday June 18, 2017, from 10:30am

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Dear Members and Friends;

We hope this letter finds you well. As posted in our previous notices, this year (2017) falls on the 80th anniversary since Rev. Reikai Nozaki started Jodo Shu ministry in 1936. On Father’s Day (6/18/2017), we will observe the commemorative service to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Jodo Shu ministry in North America. We would like to invite you to this special service, which will be officiated by Rev. Gyokei Honda, from Shimane Prefecture, Japan, who kindly visited Los Angeles many times in the past to help us observe such auspicious services as Goju Soden (Special Three-days Retreat) in 2010 and the 800th Memorial Anniversary Service for Honen Shonin in 2012.

In retrospect of the 80-year long history of our temple, we realize that there were many ups and downs, joys and sorrows, encounters and departures. Knowingly, there is no one but Amida Buddha who has witnessed it all these past 80 years. Amida Buddha, who is enshrined in our temple, has been watching over all our congregation from the past to the present.

It is our sincere hope that this service will encourage all our family and friends to strengthen the spiritual link that connects us together. Without air, no sound can be heard. Love and affection that all forebears have for their descendants are invisible. So is Buddha’s compassion toward all beings. But these facts are indispensable for us to live our life, just like one voice needs air for it to be heard.

We wish to thank all our temple membership and supporters for their continued participation. We also wish to welcome newcomers, people in our community, and people from outside California to be a part of this celebration. We would like to make this service a special opportunity for all families, especially the children, to embrace the ties that connect them together, and with their forebears, by joining in this celebration. For the details of this celebration, please see the following pages. Your understanding and support will be greatly appreciated. Namu Amida Butsu

Joji Atone, Bishop
Kodo Tanaka, Rev.

10:30am The Commemorative Service
Special Blessing for Children/Students
Special Prayer for Ancestors
12:00 pm Hawaiian Luncheon Buffet (Catering)
Magic, Songs, Story-telling, etc.
午後3時 Adjournment

We will welcome Rev. Gyokei Honda as officiant of this special service, and Rev. Tomoki Mikami, the former overseas minister, and several ministers from Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Their last visit to Los Angeles was in 2012 when the 800th Memorial Anniversary Service for Honen Shonin was observed. Let us all welcome them!

Please RSVP: In preparation for this special occasion, we wish to ask for your cooperation to return the form by Monday, June 5, 2017. Thank you.

Parking lot:
Please let us know the number of cars from your family to reserve the parking space in the medical office building (Pacific Commerce Bank at the 1st Floor), next to our temple (420 E. 3rd Street).
We will validate your ticket(s). The entrance of the parking lot is on Boyd Street and the exit is on 3rd Street.

Hawaiian Luncheon Buffet:
Please let us know the number of people from your family. We wish to ask for a donation of $20 per adult (Children/Students: Free).

Special Blessing for Children/Students for Success in Scholastic Performance and Healthy Growth

  • Officiant performs a special ritual of purification for children/students one by one.
  • Babies, toddlers, students are all welcomed.
  • Special O-fuda (Treasured Tablet of Amida Buddha) and gift will be presented.
  • Donation of $10 per child is suggested.





















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